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All Championship Chains can be customized with your logo and wording and shipping in as little as 5 business days.

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Why Choose Championship Chains?

Multiple Layers

We use a technique to bring the custom chest plate to life, and put together mulitple layers of cut metal to give your championship chain a 3D look. Championship Chains is a ProAmBelts' company, and we use the craftsmanship of 10 years of business and service of ProAmBelts in our custom Championship Chains. Superior craftsmanship and internationally recongized metal work from ProAmBelts is same quality involved in Championship Chains. Superior detail in the metal cutting process with your custom championship chain, to provide the look and feel that you can not get anywhere else, and especially at our amazing prices.

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Chrome, Gold, or BOTH

Here are Championship Chains, we use different types of metal finishes, including gold plating and chrome plating. We start with a solid brass chest plate, and then have the abilities for that shine! Mirror-like gold and chrome finishes provide a superior and slick look to your custom chain. We want you to feel like the blingbling king, and have the shine. People will be able to see this for miles, and they'll do that double look to see the famous celebrity you are! People will come from miles around to try to take your picture with your custom gold and chrome championship chain, and they'll even take pictures with you and ask for your autograph. Are you ready for a custom championship chain and the paparazzi outrage!

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Heavy Metal Chest Plates

Championship Chains use solid brass to start the metal work with our custom chest plates. Our superior chest plates are manufactured to resemble the heavyweight champion you are! We hear this all the time when our clients get their custom championship chain say "Man this is the real deal, I feel like a million bucks!" We strive on making the our product the "real deal" resulting in that they do look and feel like a million bucks when you are wearing your custom championship chain and showing it off to your peers or social media.

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High Quality Custom Designs

Championship Chains are design in superior detail to the finest for our clients for FREE. The artwork process is provided by our amazing team of professional designers to assure you the precise details of your custom championship chain. Every detail is to a fine point, which can include different colors for make this process come to life for your new chain! We provie the design based on your request, and then our client have the opportunity to work directly with our team for updates and changes to get their artwork exactly as they want it to be! No one can compared to our experts, and with all the amazing details within your artwork, we work around the clock to keep updating the artworks on a timely manner. If you can think it, we can design it. You'll see the artwork process is painless and fast, which makes the final product perfect as we bring your ideas from artwork to a heavy duty blingbling championship chain.

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