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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork guidlines can vary, depending on if you are requesting a customized stock Championship Chain or a fully custom premier Championship Chain. With stocks, client send us the images they want on the championship chains and or the wording and dates they may need on the nameplates, which we will send put the artwork together for you and email it back for you review. Our custom stock process is very simple and it starts with you emailing us 

Fully custom premier Championship Chains can be a lot more in depth and precise with the artwork process, as we will be designing and creating a unique and exclusive Championship Chain specifically for you based on your request. Some clients send us sketches to start the artwork process, and some send us just a logo and some wording and ask us to design an awesome chain for them. We can do it all! Just send us what you got and let us work our magic with the artwork. We are a company of ProAmBelts with 10 years of business that is recongized internationally, so you know after looking at and seeing the clients and products we are the real deal!

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