Our favorite time is here! Football season! Whether you're watching professionals on the grid iron, college students paving the way, or your hometown high school team breeding the best of the best, it is safe to say football is ingrained in our way of life. From Super Bowls to National Championships, athletes the world over compete in one of our most beloved forms of competition for a chance to be award the most prestigious award in their division. In steps Championship Chains.

For years the staff of ProAmBelts and Championship Chains have been the number one destination for fantasy football awards, turnover championships, or any other award presented to our great athletes on and off the field. From national teams like the Philidelphia Eagles to the college organizations like Mississippi State's football program Ol' Miss, Championship Chains is the most trusted source of  stock championship awards.

Want to step up the game of your local football program? Consider a trophy award like our premier championship chains. When this beauty is awarded you'll see every head in the room turn. They are larger-than-life, and bling like nothing you've seen before.

Every championship award created by Championship Chains is made from high-quality metals and 3d-stacked to make one big, bad medallion linked with a stunning chain. When you choose a premier championship chain your design is 100% custom to the artwork you provide to us. And don't worry, if you don't know how to create the artwork properly we will help you, completely free!

Interested in taking your events to the next level? Contact us today and learn how we can take you from average to legendary!