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Slapshot Slapshot customized championship chain image

Slapshot Slapshot customized championship chain image


If you're looking to add some fun and excitement to your hockey competition, allow us to introduce to you Slapshop. This stunning championship chain features a 7" x 6" solid brass medallion with mulitple layers of cut metal finished with shiny gold or chrome accented in black to achieve an amazing 3D look. With 12 namespaces on the back you can include your MVP, highest goal scorer, highest assister, or any other criteria you choose.

All championship chains come with your choice of single or double chain(s) in either gold or silver. Our custom chains are hollow metal so they are nice and lightweight (about 16oz). Don't forget that we offer FREE customization on all of our stock championship chains including etching on the nameplates, so once you place your order be sure to contact us to discuss your options. 

Medallion Width: 7"
Medallion Height: 6"
Medallion Weight: Approx. 16oz.
Single Chain Weight: Approx. 16oz.

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Base Price: $199.99

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